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Micro but Many

A Collection

Micro but Many is the showroom for my car collection. In the 80’s, when I was just a small boy, I collected Micro Machines, tiny little scale cars and planes, much smaller than your Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, and I still collect them to this day. I now have over 5,100 cars, planes, trains, truck, boats – you name it.

Micro but Many is a kind of work in progress experiment. Currently, the showroom only has over 100 of my collection, this will be growing week by week and as the showroom grows, as will the cross-referencing combinations (have a play with the search filter). Your amazement of the sheer quantity and variation of the collection will also grow, a miniature army forming in front of your eyes. I find a weird sense of humour in the project, like it’s too niche to be taken seriously – yet there’s an awful lot of effort, depth and breadth to it.

Involvement in this project included concept, branding, design, collecting and art direction. Photography by Alex Bibby.

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