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Micro but Many

The Collection


Micro but Many is the showroom for my car collection. In the 80’s, when I was just a small boy, I collected Micro Machines, tiny little scale cars and planes, much smaller than your Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, and I still collect them to this day. I now have the world’s largest loose collection, with over 10,000 cars, planes, trains, truck, boats – you name it.

Micro but Many was a kind of work-in-progress experiment, and the showroom only has around 100 of my collection. The first test was to see if the cross-referencing search mechanic would be a viable way to track my collection, and second to see if it stirred up enough public interest to pursue my ultimate goal of producing a book of the collection. It seemed to work…

Involvement in this project included concept, branding, design, collecting and art direction.

Micro Machines photography by Alex Bibby.

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