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Frēsh, February 2018. Humanising Autonomy book with two Carbon Awards in the Product & Industrial and Information & UI categories.

BIMA 100, March 2018. Design Star.

FastCo Magazine, October 2015. The cluster concept wins two Innovation by Design Finalist Awards in the Experimental and Data Visualisation categories. Nice spread, glad I sent those high-res images they asked for.

I presented to the BBC in Cardiff on innovating in design, May 2015

My branding tips in Computer Arts Magazine issue 80, September 2015.

FormFiftyFive. Features Poop Deck.

My talk on interactive design at Nottingham Trent University, April 2013.

Alumni profile for my old uni, the University of Gloucestershire.

My recent trip to Seattle where I got to show Valve (Half-Life, Portal, Steam) my portfolio.

Visual Storytelling by Gestalten. Features Carbon Cycle.

Design Book of the Year, Volume 5: Features Orange, Print Gremlins and SOCOM PlayStation kit.

Design Week: London Library website feature in volume 26, number 21.

Channel 4 News: My fuzzy felt creatures were not able to defend this Orange store from the 2011 London riots.

Orange creatures take over

Prince charles playing Greenhouse Effect.

Carbon Cycle features on One of my Create: cards pops up on Ogilvy’s site.

SOCOM Special Forces press kit by SOCOM franchise creator.

My Poor Brain in Logo Nest Volume 1.

Nelson’s Uniform interactive on BBC News.

The London Paper: Featured Sony PlayTV.

One of my Create: postcards features on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks.

PlayTV features in Comet TV ad.

Echochrome ad pops up in PlayStation Home.

My Poor Brain version 02 in Flashfolios by Taschen.

My first website, a Feeder fansite, on Feeder’s official site.

My GoldenEye 007 glitch in N64 Magazine.

My Diddy Kong Racing glitch in N64 Magazine.

My gnarly 1080 Snowboarding half-pipe score in 64 Magazine.