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Cluster Fuck

In-Car HMI

Over the last year we’ve seen a lot of new thought around in-car HMI (especially in the centre console), with safety rightly at the forefront. The instrument cluster however has remained fundamentally unchanged since instruments first appeared in the car. Originally, the speedo worked via a cable connected to the engine pulling at the needle as the car accelerated.

Is a needle pointing at a number the best way of communicating driving speed? Or is it simply a legacy of an out of date mechanical implementation. We took the iconic speedo and reinvented it.

In the course of our research at ustwo Auto, we’ve looked into how we can – and why we should – enrich this space. In our thought piece and prototype, we present the results of this, not as a complete solution, but as a viewpoint and approach to be tested, debated and improved with your feedback.

This project was researched, conceived, designed and the thought piece written by myself along with my ustwo Auto team mate Harsha Vardhan.

Play with the prototype.

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Take a look at our concept video.