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Auto UX Book

In-car HMI


With the ongoing integration of advanced computer systems into vehicles, the interfaces within are becoming ever-more complex. As the prime points of interaction between driver and car, these ‘human–machine interfaces’ (HMI) demand great care and attention from manufacturers, designers and engineers alike.

I co-wrote and designed this book and eBook in which we look into this phenomenon of growing in-car HMI complexity. We explore our belief that an interface should match the evocative nature and elegance of an automobile’s exterior and interior design. We also outline our key thoughts on how, in partnership with manufacturers, we can bring an extra layer of care into the design of compelling experiences, in order to tame the beast that is in-car HMI.

Involvement in this project at ustwo included co-authoring the book, concept, design and art direction.

The eBook has been downloaded over 10,000 times. Download the free eBook PDF.

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